The Best Bike Rear Rack – Buying Guide

Bike rear rackIf you are planning to go on a biking trip, you definitely need to carry some gear or a bag with you. To hold this bag or gear, the best thing you can do is to get a bike rear rack installed to hold the gear. Rear racks provide a sturdy carrying framework to the bikes, offering you a secure and convenient way to carry heavy gear while you are on the road.

Most of these racks can also be covered during bad weather, ensuring further safety of your things. When buying a bike rear rack, one of the most important things to consider is the load it can carry. Most common bike racks carry loads between 25 and 50 pounds conveniently, which is mostly sufficient to carry around gears for biking trips.

If you need a bike rear rack that can carry more, you can get a heavy-duty model that often allows you to load 80 pounds of weight on it.

Before you buy the rack, you should also check whether your bike has bolts to attach rear racks or nor not. If not, you can get C clips to get the rack attached to your bike.

Top 5 Bike Rear Racks to Get

Here is a pick of the best five rear racks you can get for your bike:
1) Topeak Explorer Bike Rack
Topeak Explorer- Back bike rackIf you are looking for a small rack, this one is the best option for you. This Topeak bike rear rack is made from hollow aluminum and can carry weight up to 1.38 pounds. The bag comes with compatible fixtures that allow you to attach rear bags and baskets to your bike for further storage.


2) Ventura Universal Bicycle Carrier Rack
Ventura Universal - Back Bike RackThis durable steel bike rear rack by Ventura can bear up to 55 pounds of weight, allowing you to carry gear, backpacks, bags and baskets quite conveniently. It comes with a universal fitting set allowing you to attach it to any type of bike that you may have. There is also a spring flap to keep your things secure.

3) Avenir Rear Road Bike Rack
Avenir Rear Road -Back  Bike RackPerfect for almost all types of hybrid and road bikes, this bike rear rack can carry up to 25 pounds. The rack is made from stainless steel and aluminum while the handles are vinyl-coated. The rack also allows you to attach panniers to the top rails conveniently.



4) Avenir Universal XL Rear Rack
Avenir Universal XL - Bike Rear RackThis extra-large Avenir rack provides plenty of space with extended side panels, making it an ideal choice for loaded touring trips. The rack is made of alloy and stainless steel hardware and can be fitted to a large number of bikes. The rack comes with mounting clips to make it easier for you to install it.


5) Wald Rear Mount Bicycle Rack

Wald Rear Bike RackIf you are looking for a simple bike rear rack, this design from Wald is perfect for you. This is a lightweight, simple and sturdy steel rack that comes with adjustable brake bolt mount. The rack is designed to fit all 26” and 27” bikes easily.
So, if you are looking for a bike rear rack, have your pick from these five as they’re the best ones available.


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