Find the Best Graber Bike Rack – Buyers Guide

If you and your kids often like to take the bikes to the faraway park for an adventurous ride, a Graber bike rack is just what you need. With a bike rack, you won’t have to worry about how you are actually going to get your bike to the park; you can simply hang it to your vehicle and drive.

While you can easily find a large number of vehicle-mounted bike racks in the market, you won’t find one as strong, reliable and affordable as a Graber bike rack. To help you pick the best bike rack, here is a review of three of the racks solutions currently offered by Graber:

Graber Bike Rack 1060S Spare Tire 2

 Graber bike rack spare tire

If you are looking for great value for your money, this is one of the best bike racks you can get. This 2-in-1 rack allows you to not just hang your bike, but also store your spare tire.

You can easily mount a 12’ wide wheel on this rack while folding away the bike rack. The bike rack can carry two bikes at a time, each weighing 35 pounds.

With a sleek design, this bike rack can easily shift between a bike rack and a spare wheel rack according to your convenience. With a list price of $77.10, this bike rack is quite affordable compared to others providing similar quality and durability.

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Graber 2-Bike Trunk Rack

Graber bike rack 2

For those who don’t have spare wheel rack space in their vehicle, this trunk rack is the best available option. This Graber bike rack is attached to the trunk of the car using two strong holders.

There are two folding hooks attached to the rack, allowing you to hang two bikes at a time on this rack. This bike rack is not only extremely reliable and strong, but also easy to install. You can attach and detach this rack to the back of your car trunk in minutes without any difficulty. The list price for this rack is $49.99 and you can easily get it online from different retailers.

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Graber Bike Rack Guardian 3-Bike

Graber bike rack 3 racks

If you have more than two bikes to carry, this is the right Graber bike rack for you. Again, you can attach this rack to the trunk of your car with the help of two holders in place. With its increased weight bearing capacity, this rack can easily hold three bikes at a time without any danger of falling down and damaging your bikes.

This rack can also be installed in minutes and taken off just as easily once you get back from your biking trip. While the list price of this Graber bike rack is $129.99, you may find it at the discounted rate at Amazon.

Between these three great bike racks, you can easily have your pick since all of them are equally good on quality and prices. A Graber bike rack is perfect for anyone who constantly goes on a lot of biking trips and needs to carry around their bikes on their vehicle.

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