Honda CRV Roof Rack OEM Crossbars Review

Honda CRV roof rackRoof racks can come in handy for those who frequently go on road trips with a lot of luggage.

All your heavy luggage and cargo can go on the roof of your vehicle while you get the complete car space for use.

If you are looking for a Honda CRV roof rack that can fit perfectly in your 2012 model, the best choice for you is the original factory-manufactured crossbar-style roof rack provided by Honda.

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The OEM Crossbar roof racks by Honda are exceptional in quality and performance, allowing you to load a huge amount of weight on your vehicle’s rooftop without any hassle. For those planning to buy this roof rack, here is a review that they can find useful.

Features of Honda CRV Roof OEM Rack Crossbars

There are several reasons why this is the best Honda CR-V Roof Rack you should get. Apart from being a genuine factory product, there are several other features that make this rack an ideal choice, some of which are highlighted below:

• Attach to Roof RailsThe roof rack is attached to the factory-installed roof rails with complete convenience. The screw hooks are provided in the roof rails; you just have to install the roof rack in it, a feat you can easily do on your own.

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• Quality Manufacturing –The OEM Honda CRV roof rack is manufactured with quality and durability as the main focus. The rack is made from extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum material. Both of these materials give this rack complete durability and strength.

• High Weight Capacity –This roof rack allows you to put huge loads of weight on it. You can easily put up to 165 pounds of weight on this rack without any trouble, provided that the weight is equally distributed. This means that you can easily transport items such as bikes, kayaks, snowboards and skis on the roof top of your vehicle along with other luggage.

• Warranty –The Crossbars and all other hardware that comes included with this roof rack package are covered by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. If you think that the roof rack is malfunctioning or doesn’t deliver performance, you can contact the manufacturer to claim warranty.

• Easy Installation –The best part about getting this roof rail is its easy installation. All you need is a T-30 torque wrench, and all the other parts would come with the rack.

Honda CRV Roof Rack Customer Reviews

With a great rating at Amazon, this OEM Honda CRV Roof Rack is one of the most popular choices among customers. Its easy installation, sleek style and durability are the most popular aspects that make it such a favorite among Honda owners. According to customers, it is a “great roof crossbars” that is easy to install.
If you get OEM Honda CRV Roof Rack from the manufacturer or via dealership, it is going to cost you substantially higher than the price you pay online. So, check out this product online at Amazon for a great price.


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Solar wind - 5 years ago

These roof racks are sturdy, but the bars are too close. They are only 800mm apart. (~2’8″ for those stuck in the last century). Not good for carrying long loads, like 4m (13′) lengths of timber…


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