Honda Fit Roof Rack – Rola 59756

Honda Fit roof rackRoof racks make for an extremely useful addition to your vehicle, providing your vehicle extra luggage carrying capacity. However, roof racks should be purchased with care as their size might not be suitable for your vehicle.

Honda Fit roof rack is also difficult to buy since you can find a lot of racks in the market but not with exceptional quality. Only few roof rack manufacturers are offering competent and high-performance rack for Honda vehicles.

One of the best choices you have is the Rola 59756 Honda Fit Roof Rack that is provided specifically for Honda Fit to match their sleek design.


Features of Rola 59756 Roof Rack for Honda Fit

There are several features of Rola 59756 that make it a reliable and high-quality roof rack for your Honda Fit. Combining together style, functionality and affordability, this roof rack by Rola is definitely a good option to consider when you are looking for a rack. Here is a highlight of some of its more prominent features that you will find beneficial:

Custom Fit Application: This roof rack is designed specifically for bare roof Honda Fit vehicles. The rack features a custom-fit application for vehicles’ roof, allowing them to provide superior style and aesthetic appeal to your sleek Honda Fit.
Honda Fit roof rack detail

Sturdy Construction: Featuring a sturdy construction, the Rola 59756 Honda Fit Roof Rack is designed to provide you with a long-lasting performance. The hardware of the racks is made from strength molded nylon and stainless steel while it has an anodized aluminum finish. Molded rubber pads are also provided to protect your vehicle’s roof from any damage.

Anti-Theft System: These Honda Fit roof rack crossbars come with in-built anti-theft features that ensure that the racks will remain safely attached to your vehicle while it’s parked. The crossbars are topped with lockable covers while lockable accessory covers are provided for the T-bolt applications to ensure the complete security of the roof racks.

Easy Installation: The Rola 50756 Honda Fit Roof Rack is extremely easy to install and remove from the vehicle. The racks have a fully detachable system with universal T-slots. This allows you to use a number of different accessories by Rola or any other manufacturer when installing this rack.

Warranty: The Rola Roof Rack is covered with a 5-years warranty by the manufacturer in case of any malfunctions or poor performance. However, the warranty is not valid if you are not using the racks, or it is normal wear and tear that is causing the performance issues.


As a recent product in market, Rola 59756 is yet to be used by many people. However, keeping its exceptional features in mind and combining that with Rola’s customary quality, it can be said that this is a perfect Honda Fit roof rack.

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If you are wondering how much it is going to cost you, the list price is $299.99. However, you can easily get the product at Amazon for a highly discounted price. This provides you with a chance to get a high-quality Honda Fit roof rack at very reasonable prices.

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