Honda Odyssey Roof Rack Rail Review

Genuine Honda Roof Rack A nice roof rack is one of the most important additions you can make to your vehicle, turning it into a utility vehicle that can easily carry a large amount of luggage.

A Honda Odyssey roof rack allows you to put a large amount of your luggage or gear to the rooftop of your vehicle, allowing you to stow more luggage if you are going for long holiday trips with family. However, when you are buying a roof rack for Odyssey, you should make sure that it is not only durable and functional, but also matches the sleek appearance of your vehicle perfectly.

One of the best options to consider when buying Honda Odyssey roof rack is the genuine, factory-manufactured rails provided by Honda. Designed specifically for Odyssey, these roof rails are not just extremely durable but also aesthetically designed. Here is a brief review of these roof rack rails:

Features of Honda Genuine Factory Roof Rails

Designed with the typical quality that you can expect from Honda products, these roof rails are undoubtedly the perfect match for your vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of its more noticeable features you might find beneficial:

Sturdy Aluminum Construction: To ensure that this Honda Odyssey roof rack can lift significant weight conveniently; its construction is done with the sturdiest of materials. The rails are made out of capron resin and extruded aluminum, the combination providing these rails a very strong structure.
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Support Multiple Roof Attachments: To load any type of luggage or cargo on the top of your vehicle, you can easily attach a variety of roof rack attachments to these rails. You can mount cargo boxes, bike racks and other cargo carrying attachments to these rails without much difficulty.

Weight Capacity: The roof rails are designed to provide you maximum functionality possible, offering a huge load capacity. You can load up to 165 pounds or 75 kg of cargo to these rails without any worries. However, you should make sure that the weight is equally distributed between the two rails to avoid any mishaps.

Designed for Odyssey: These genuine Honda Odyssey roof rack rails are designed specifically for this vehicle and can fit all models of Honda Odyssey from 2011-2014.

Customer Reviews

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The overall rating these roof rails have received from the customers at Amazon is 4.8 out of 5 stars. People who have used this rack have found it to be solid and sturdy. However, the installation requires the use of tools, and although some customers said it can be done on your own, others found it difficult to adjust the fitting perfectly.


Being genuine OEM Honda Odyssey roof rack, these rails are quite inexpensive at a list price of $210, especially when compared to other genuine Honda parts.

You can easily purchase the roof rails at an even lower price if you are ordering at Amazon.

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