Mini Cooper Roof Rack Review: Genuine Factory OEM Countryman

Mini Cooper OEM Roof RackIf you own a Countryman model year 2011-2012, finding a roof rack can be a tad bit difficult for you since there are not many available for Countrymen in the market right now. OEM Mini Cooper roof rack is indeed the only roof rack for Countrymen that offer a perfect fit and high quality. If you are looking to add a rack to your own so that you can use it to carry heavy things conveniently, this rack is your best choice.

To further assure you that your money isn’t going to waste, here is a review of the Mini Cooper roof rack for Countrymen 2011-2012.

Features of Mini Cooper OEM Countryman Roof Rack

If you’re wondering what makes this roof rack so good, here is a highlight of some of its features that you might find helpful:
Mini Cooper OEM RackThe Best for Countryman – The OEM Mini Cooper roof rack is the one of the very few roof racks available for Countryman in the market. Among them, this original factory-manufactured model is definitely the best one since it provides both durability and quality.

Strong Construction Design –The roof rack features two crossbars that are manufactured using extruded aluminum. This is a high strength material that makes the crossbar tubes extremely stable and strong.

Durable yet Lightweight –While the extruded aluminum tubing makes this roof rack extremely durable, it also leaves it extremely lightweight. The OEM Mini Cooper roof rack weighs 11 pounds in total, which means that you can easily lift and install it.

Warranty –The roof rack comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty that can be claimed without any hassle by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Easy Installation –The installation of this roof rack is extremely easy. It involves four hex screws and a hex torque wrench that comes with your Mini. So you can easily secure the rack to your Countryman’s rooftop on your own. A pre-installed lockset is also provided with the rack to ensure additional safety.

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Customer Reviews

With a spectacular 5/5 stars rating from customers at Amazon, this is definitely the best roof rack for a Countryman 2011-2012. According to customers, it is a “nice rack” that offers quality at good price. Customers have also found this rack to be a perfect fit for their vehicles. The sleek design and finish of this roof rack also made it popular with everyone who bought it since it goes along with the look of their vehicle.


The list price of Mini Cooper roof rack for Countryman is $251.71. Considering the quality and sturdiness it offers and the durability you can expect from these racks, this is definitely a worthy purchase.

However, if you feel that the product is too high-end for you, you can look for it online and check for available discounts. You can also find it with other online retailers at low prices, so make sure you look around for it before placing an order.

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