Looking for a Safari Roof Rack for Your Cargo? Pick the Best One!

Safari Roof Rack RB-DLXCargo racks for the rooftop of your vehicle are an ideal solution for luggage carrying if you have a lot of gear. Cargo roof racks are available for all vehicle types and models in the market, so if you are looking for a Safari roof rack, you won’t have any difficulty finding one.

However, not every rack that you pick will be durable and worth its price, so it might not be wise for you to invest your money by picking something randomly. In case of poor racks that often break in the middle of road you can end up causing damage to your luggage and your vehicle.

When buying Safari roof rack, you should make sure that it offers easy assembly and installation since you won’t want to spend additional dollars on getting something that’s difficult to use. If you are wondering which one of the many roof racks from the market you need to pick, here are two good options that are definitely worth considering:

Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

Safari Roof Rack Curt 18115Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack is one of the best roof racks you can get for your Safari. Made from high-strength steel and with a durable powder-coat finish in black, this Safari roof rack is extremely durable and strong, and can take even the rugged of weather conditions without getting damaged. The original dimensions of this rack are 41.5” x 37” x 4”.

An additional cargo space of about 11 square feet can be added using a separately available extension for this roof rack. The rack has a simple two-piece assembly procedure and can be easily installed to a variety of roof rack crossbars with complete convenience. The original list price of this Safari roof rack is $232.58 but you may get it at an discounted price from Amazon.

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RB-DLX-V2 Vehicle Roof Cargo Storage Basket

Safari Roof Rack SizeAnother perfect choice of cargo storage rack for your Safari is the RB-DLX-V2 Vehicle Roof Cargo Storage Basket that can easily carry up to 150 lb. of cargo including heavy gear and luggage. This Safari roof rack has a steel tube frame with a 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch mesh weave with a black powder-coat finish that gives it durability and a sleek look. The original dimensions of this rack are 43.5” x 39” x 6”.

You can also get a 24” extension and Wind Fairing separately with this Safari roof rack. The rack can be easily mounted to factory roof racks or other sports roof rack systems with complete convenience. A 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty is also provided with this roof rack upon shipment arrival. The list price of this Safari roof rack is $159.99 but a cost-effective alternative is to buy this from Amazon, where it may be the place for a good deal.

Any one of these roof racks are a perfect fit for your Safari, turning it into a utility vehicle that can easily carry huge amount of luggage without any difficulty.

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