Thule 990XT Doubletrack 2 Bike Hitch Carrier with STL2 Lock

Thule 990XT Single

If you are looking for a hitch bike carrier to transport your bikes on your vehicle, the Thule 990XT Doubletrack Hitch Carrier is just the thing for you.

Easily mounted to the rear of your vehicle, this bike rack can be used to transport anything from a road racer to a balloon-tire cruiser on your vehicle.

Like all other Thule products, this bike rack is also designed with functionality and quality in mind, ensuring that the rack lasts a lifetime. If you are considering buying this bike rack, here is a review of Thule 990XT Doubletrack Hitch Carrier that can be helpful.

Features of Thule 990XT Doubletrack Bike Hitch Carrier

Thule bike racks are usually designed to ensure that bikes are transported on a vehicle securely and conveniently. If you are looking for features of the Thule 990XT bike rack that can be most useful for you, here is a highlight of some of them:

Transport Different Bikes: This bike rack can easily transport all bikes that have a 1.25 or 2 inches hitch and a wheel base of 48 inches. This rack can be used to transport both road and mountain bikes easily, provided they are lightweight and fit the hitch requirements.

Sturdy Wheel Trays: the rack has independently-floating sturdy wheel trays fixed to two separate platforms that are used to load the wheels of the bike. These trays have sufficient distance in between to avoid any bike-to-bike or bike-to-vehicle collision.

Thule 990XT
Wheel Straps: Thule 990XT bike carrier includes ratcheting wheel straps attached to the platforms. These wheel straps secure the wheel to the trays perfectly, ensuring that the bike will stay safely in its place throughout the journey.

Hitch Switch Lever: The rack also features a hitch switch lever that can be used to fold back the platforms to the mast. This allows for convenient handling and storage of the rack when not in use.

Locking System: The Bike rack has a One-Key Locking system included so that both your bikes and your rack stay safe while you are away from your vehicle. A Snug-Tite receiver lock system also ensures that the rack does not wobble during the drive, tightly locking the rack to your vehicle.

Customer Reviews

At Amazon, Thule 990XT Doubletrack Bike Carrier has received a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. According to the customers, it is a great, high quality bike rack.

Customers also found the multiple locks very helpful in keeping their bikes safe. This bike rack is very easy to assemble and install and can be done on your own in minutes.


If you are thinking this wonderful bike rack is out of your budget, you should think again. While the list price of this bike rack is $420, you may find this product at Amazon at a discounted price. This makes it better suited even for modest budgets, so make sure you do get your Thule 990XT Doubletrack 2-Bike Hitch Carrier right away.

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