Thule Raceway Bike Racks: A Perfect Way to Travel with Your Bikes

Thule Raceway MountIf you are planning to take a road trip and need to take your bikes with you, Thule Raceway is definitely an ideal choice of bike rack. Thule has introduced two different bike racks in the Raceway series; Raceway 2 which is a 2-bike carrier and Raceway 3 which is a 3-bike carrier.

Both these bike racks are designed and engineered almost the same way and fit the trunk of your car. A combination of sleek design, functional features and affordable prices, these Thule Raceway bike racks can be the bike transportation solution you are looking for.

Features of Thule Raceway 2 and 3 Bike Racks

Here is a highlight of some of the common features of Thule Raceway Bike Racks that make them extremely functional and useful when it comes to transporting bikes on your vehicle:

Thule Raceway 2 BikeSure-Tight Cable System: These bike racks feature a Sure-Tight ratcheting cable system that ensures that the carrier is securely attached to the back of your vehicle’s trunk. These sturdy cables make sure that the rack does not come loose during the time you are on the road.

Patented FitDial: A patented FitDial is attached to Thule Raceway bike racks that can be used to adjust the angles of the rack arms so that they fit perfectly to the shape of your car trunk. Protective rubber pads are also added to the contact areas between the rack and the vehicle to ensure there is no damage due to collisions.

Folding Arms: The arm for mounting bikes can be easily folded back when not in use, making it easier for you to store this rack or park your car. These mounting arms have narrow cradle arms that can hold different types of bikes very easily, including children’s bikes as well.

Thule Raceway fullLocking System: Thule Raceway bike racks are equipped with a cable lock which ensures that the bike is attached to the carrier securely and the carrier is attached to the vehicle. The locks are included with the bike rack for complete security.

Anti-Sway Cages: The bike racks also come with anti-sway cages that hold the bikes tightly in their place as you drive. This ensures there is no contact between the bikes and the vehicle that can cause damage to the structure or paint.

Customer Reviews

Both these Thule Raceway bike racks have received a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating at Amazon from the customers who have used these racks. According to customers, these are “awesome bike racks”, “work great” and provide “good performance”. The customers have found these racks to be stable and well-built and that they are easy to install to different types of vehicles.



The list price of Thule Raceway 2 is $249.95 in the market while Thule Raceway 3 is available for a list price of $279.95. However, both these products are available online for highly discounted prices.

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