Thule Spare Me Bike Carrier Review

Thule Spare MeFor vehicles that have externally-mounted spare tires, one of the best options when it comes to bike racks is the Thule Spare Me Bike Rack. This bike rack attaches to the mount of the spare tire, allowing you to fix your bike to your spare tire.

This means you can have the roof racks available for loading other luggage. A smart design and state-of-the-art features ensure that your bike is secured to your vehicle safely, even when you are leaving for long, rough trips.

Here is a review of Thule Spare Me to highlight the features this rack has to offer.

Features of Thule Spare Me Bike Rack

Thule Spare Me Bike rack is a uniquely designed bike carrier that mounts to the rear of vehicles that stow spare tires externally. Here are some beneficial features that this rack offers:

Fits Different Vehicles: This bike rack is designed to fit all those vehicles that store spare tires on the rear end, irrespective of the make and model of the vehicle. The rack can easily fit both regular and oversized tires, making it suitable for a large number of vehicles.

Carries Multiple Bikes: The rack can carry two bikes at one time and has a total weight capacity of 75 pounds. This allows you to fit almost all bikes to this rack without the fear if breaking it during the trip due to overloading.

Jeep Wrangler Bike Rack Detail 1Easy to Install: This bike rack is installed to the already available mount used to stow spare tires. A cable and knob system is used to secure the bikes to the carrier and the carrier to the vehicle, which can be adjusted according to the width of the spare tire.

Locking Feature: Thule Spare Me bike rack has an integrated locking system that is One-Key compatible. This locking system not only ensures that the bike rack is safe but also provides additional safety for your spare tire.

Stay-Put Cradle Design: The bike rack is equipped with stay-put cradles that ensure that the bike remains firmly in place and doesn’t move too much during the drive.

Anti-Sway Cages: Detachable anti-sway cages are also provided with Thule Spare Me bike rack. These cages secure the bikes further, ensuring that there is no collision between the two bikes and the vehicle that can cause any damage.

Customer Reviews

Thule Spare Me 2-DetailThule Spare Me bike rack has received great customers reviews which clearly indicates its popularity among customers. According to these people, this bike rack is very sturdy and impressive. The bike rack is uniquely designed and installs easily on different vehicles. The customers have also found this rack to be extra-secure due to its efficient locking system.



The list price of Thule Spare Me bike carrier is $250,00, which is relatively low compared to other durable 2-bike carriers. However, if you are looking for an even better price, you can find this product online.

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