Thule Xsporter Pro Multi-Height Aluminum Truck Rack Review

Thule Xsporter review
If you have to carry around a bike, boat or kayaks, any of these can take up almost all the bed space of your truck and you won’t be able to load many other things you’d need for your trip.

Thule Xsporter truck rack is the perfect solution for all truck owners who want to regain their truck’s bed space while being able to load heavy items conveniently.

You can easily install this durable rack on the back of your truck and load items like bikes and boats on it. Offering quality construction and high weight-bearing capacity, Thule Xsporter truck rack is one of the best racks available in the market.

Features of Thule Xsporter Truck Rack

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There are several features that make Xsporter truck rack an ideal option for truck owners. Here is a highlight of some of the best specs this rack has to boast about.

• Adjustable Height – The height of the rack bars can be adjusted according to your own choice. This makes it easier for you to load items and store the racks in a small space. Using a dial, the height of all four bars can be adjusted separately.

• Air Trip Technology – The Thule Xsporter truck rack features air trip technology. This gives the rack an aerodynamic structure. So, it minimizes air resistance to the rack and results in fuel efficiency.

• Wind Diffuser Technology – The strips of this truck bar are equipped with wind diffusing textured surface. This ensures that the sound of the whistling wind is minimized, making the drive a quiet one.

• Secure Locks – The truck rack comes with a secure locking system. Using four separate One-Key lock cylinders, you can lock the posts to the truck bed, where they will stay secure.
Thule Xsporter• Aluminum Design
– Thule Xsporter truck rack is made from reinforced Aluminum material that can bear a load up to 450 pounds at a time. The racks are also wind, weather and tear resistant, ensuring long-life performance and durability.

• Warranty – The rack comes with a lifetime performance warranty by the manufacturer. It can be claimed without any hassle by contacting the company directly.

For some carriers or items, you might require separate Thule Xadapt adapters. These adapters vary in shapes, designs and compatibility depending on what you need to fix on the rack. A complete range of these adapters is easily available, ensuring that these truck racks can accommodate anything you want to load on them.

Customer Reviews

The product has a good rating on Amazon from the customers. The customers have found it to be a great product that is extremely easy to install and can take up a lot of weight. While sometimes you may need adapters, they are not always necessary and the rack is compatible with most vehicles and other items.


The list price of the sturdy and durable Thule Xsporter truck rack is $649.95, which is quite good for the value and performance it offers. However, you may find it at a discounted price on Amazon, it is worth a try.

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