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Universal Roof Rack Crossbars - MaloneIf you are looking for a roof rack system that can prove to be a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles, you should consider universal roof rack crossbars by Malone, one of the best crossbar sets available in the market. Roof racks designed for universal use can be installed on different vehicles without any inconvenience or problems with the fitting.

The biggest advantage of having these universal roof rack crossbars is that they can be installed on different vehicles, eliminating the need to buy different roof rack systems for different vehicles. So, if you are looking to buy these roof rack crossbars, here is a review that you’ll find helpful:

Features of Malone Auto Racks Universal Car Roof Rack

Purchasing a universal roof rack system can have a lot of advantages, providing you with a reliable and standard system for luggage carrying when you plan holiday trips. If you are wondering why you should get a pair of Malone universal roof rack crossbars instead of custom ones for your vehicle model, here are some features that make them a worthy choice:
Fit Roof Rails Perfectly: Available in different sizes, these roof rack crossbars can fit all factory-installed side rails on almost all vehicles with complete ease. The racks are available in 50”, 58” and 65” sizes, ensuring that it fits most of the vehicles.

Carry Different Cargo Types: These roof racks can be used to carry almost all type of gear without any difficulty. You can use these crossbars to load kayaks, snowboards, skis, cargo boxes, cargo racks, bike racks etc.
Universal Roof Rack Crossbars Detail

Smart Design: The crossbars have a square profile from all sides, making it easier for you to fit rack accessories to them. The flat top surface provides a better balance for your cargo, allowing you to secure it tightly to the crossbars.

Locking System: To ensure that the crossbars are protected from theft, key-lock attachments are provided at the end of crossbars.

Durable Construction: These universal roof rack crossbars are designed to provide maximum durability. The bars are topped with a rust-resistant rubberized coating that can keep your roof rack protected even when used ruggedly.

Weight Capacity: The roof rack allows you to load 132 pound of gear at a time, making it ideal for carrying heavy-duty gear.

Customer Reviews

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Malone Auto Racks Universal Car Roof Rack has received a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars at Amazon. While most customers have provided positive feedbacks for these universal roof rack crossbars, claiming that this is the perfect and inexpensive roof rack, some felt that the rack can be a bit noisy while driving due to its square profile.


Considering the fact that these roof rack crossbars can be used on so many of your vehicles without any problem, they are quite inexpensive at the prices they are available for. If you get the roof rack from Amazon.

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