VW Roof Rack Review: Original Volkswagen for GTI 06-14 and Golf 09-14

VW Racks ReviewedIf you are looking for roof rack bars that can fit your Volkswagen, you can find yourself facing few choices. One of the few durable VW roof rack options available in the market is the Original Volkswagen Roof Racks designed for GTA and Golf.

This roof rack consists of two crossbars that can be installed to the top of the Volkswagen without any inconvenience.

With the ability to carry huge loads, this roof rack is a perfect addition to your vehicle, allowing you to stow your entire luggage on the top, leaving you with more space. So, if you are planning to purchase a VW roof rack, here is our review of Original Volkswagen Roof Rack.

Features of Original VW Roof Rack


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There are a lot of distinguishing features that make this roof rack a perfect match for your high-class vehicle, some of which are highlighted below:

Sturdy Construction – This VW roof rack is made from sturdy aluminum with Anodized aluminum sections. To protect the aluminum from water and weather, a plastic coating is added to it as well. The racks also have galvanized plastic coated steel plates, and come with plastic supporting feet, cap and covers.
VW roof rack

Ideal for Different Vehicles – This roof rack can fit on different Volkswagen vehicles including GTI 2006-2014, Golf 2009-2014 and Rabbit 2006-2014. On all these vehicles, this rack can fix complete accuracy and precision.

Aerodynamic Design – The VW roof rack has an aerodynamic design that ensures that there is no wind noise while you are driving and also improves your fuel efficiency.

Locking System – The rack has a completely secure locking system pre-installed, ensuring maximum safety of your rack. The lock system consists of cylinder locks installed to the end bracket covers.

High Weight Capacity – The rack has high weight bearing capacity, allowing you to place up to 165 lbs or 75 kg of weight on top of it, distributed equally.

Accessories and Hardware –All the accessories, parts and hardware required to install these roof racks on your vehicle’s rooftop come with it so you shouldn’t have trouble installing them. Moreover, an installation guide is provided for further assistance.


Customer Reviews

According to the customers on Amazon who used it, the VW roof rack is a well-made rack that fits perfectly and can be installed in a matter of minutes. The roof rack is an original factory manufactured product that fits perfectly on the rooftop of Volkswagen Golf, GTI and Rabbit.

One of the downsides mentioned is the increased resistance and noise with the bars installed, but I guess that is normal to be expected from any roof rack. A minor problem is also reported in some cases with the rubber gasket that causes the end caps to fall loose sometimes. This seems to be however an isolated case. All in all, if you are looking for a high-quality, sturdy and durable roof rack, this rack just might be just right. Read more reviews…


This original VW roof rack is available for a list price of $340 at almost all car supplies stores. Considering the quality and safety features it has to offer, it can be considered worth the price. However, if you are looking for something more affordable, you can easily find this roof rack at Amazon for a discounted price of  approx $275.

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