Bike Storage Ideas for Your Small Apartment

If you live in a small apartment, finding a place for bike storage can be a challenge. However, with the help of some smart bike storage ideas, you can easily keep your bike safely stored in a bike rack that doesn’t take up much floor space. Using a proper bike rack is a far better option than just putting your bike anywhere against a wall. It can actually clear up floor space while also keeping your bike safe from falls and other damage.

So, if you are looking for some useful bike storage ideas that can help you store your bike with limited space, here are some bike racks you should consider buying:

#1 of the Bike Storage Ideas – Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

Bike Storage Ideas RacorThis ceiling-mounted bike rack by Racor allows you to lift up your bike to the ceiling, leaving the floor space completely clear. This rack can easily be installed to ceilings that are up to 12 feet high.

The pulley system ensures that you can easily lift bikes weighing up to 50 pounds to the ceiling and secure them through a locking mechanism. The solid steel construction of the bike rack and the nylon rope attached is extremely durable and can easily bear huge load without any trouble. All hardware required to install and use racks is comes with the product. At a price of about $18 at Amazon, getting this is one of the best bike storage ideas for those with limited living space.

Delta Leonardo Single Bike Rack

Bike Storage Ideas DeltaDelta Leonardo is a wall-mounted vertical bike rack that easily stores your bike in a very limited space in style. This bike rack contains a steel hook with a silver finish that has a rubber coated arm used to hold the front wheel of the bike. A tire tray is also provided to be attached beneath the hook to keep your wall safe from tire marks. A wall stud and other hardware required to install this rack is provided along with it. This bike rack can easily store bikes that weigh up to 40 pounds and can accommodate all tire sizes. Available at Amazon for about $14, this is another one of the more pocket-friendly bike storage ideas.

Allen Sports Wall-Mounted 2 – Bike Storage Ideas

Bike Storage Ideas AllenThe last one of the smart bike storage ideas is the Allen Sports Wall-Mounted Bike Rack that can store up to two bikes. The rack comes completely assembled and attaches to a wall with a single screw. The rack features two holding arms on which you can mount the bike without any trouble and they can be folded back to the wall when not in use. The rack has a zinc-coated corrosion-resistant construction and can also be used as a repair rack. A lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship is provided by the manufacturer on this bike rack. You can get this rack at Amazon for about $30.

If you want to store your bike but have limited space to do it, these bike storage ideas are perfect for you. Get one of these bike racks for your bike today and put it up in your small, efficient apartment.

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