Get a Dog Bike Carrier for Your Furry Friend!

Dog Bike carrierIf you have a furry little friend who you can’t stay away from, you need a dog bike carrier. You can easily attach these carriers to the front of your bike and take your adored pet for a trip around town. However, the bike carrier you get should be comfortable enough for your pet, and strong enough to hold their weight. The carrier should also be stylish enough to match the style of your pampered little friend.

If you are looking for a dog bike carrier, there is no doubt that you can find a lot of them in the market today. If you just pick up any random carrier that catches your eye, you can end up with a low-quality carrier that won’t last long or one that is uncomfortable.

However, there are several good carriers you can find that are designed keeping your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. So if you are planning to get one of these bike carriers for your dog, here are the two best picks from the market:

Snoozer-Pet Bicycle Basket

Snoozer-Pet Bicycle BasketThis cute and simple little dog bike carrier is available in two different colors; grey and black. This bag comes with an inner pad and chin rest that ensures complete comfort for your pet throughout the ride. The inner pad can be completely removed later for easy cleaning. The bag has several different storage pockets that can be used to store the items you are carrying around for your pet.

To keep your pet safely tucked-in while you are out on the road, an internal leash clip is also available in the basket. The rain cover stored in the side pocket of this carrier comes in quite handy if it rains. The durable micro fiber used in the manufacturing of this dog bike carrier can be wiped clean quite easily.


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Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

Pet Bicycle BasketIf you are looking for an adorable dog bike carrier for your adorable pet, Tagalong by Solvit is just what you need. The basket has a traditional authentic rattan design that makes this basket extremely elegant. However, what makes it completely luxurious is the full sheepskin liner added to this basket, which not just keeps your pet comfortable but pampers it to every last bit.

You can put in your fluffy friend weighing up to 13 pounds in this basket without any trouble. To keep your pet safe from rain, you can also use the top cover provided with this wicker basket. An internal leash clip is also provided to ensure that your pet stays in the dog bike carrier while you are out on the road. Cute, adorable and elegant, this basket is the perfect choice for your pampered pet.

If you don’t like the idea of leaving your pet behind when you go on a bike ride, get a dog bike carrier and take your furry friend along.

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