Honda Civic Roof Rack – Rola 59759

Honda Civic roof rack

Although a lot of vehicles come with pre-installed roof racks, your Honda Civic won’t be one of them. If you wish to carry luggage on the top of your vehicle, you’d need a Honda Civic roof rack that can be installed on your vehicle so that you can carry luggage.

Rola 59759 is one of the few options available when it comes to buying roof racks for Honda Civic. This roof rack provides a custom fit for your vehicle, giving it a clean, sleek and stylish look. With Honda Civic roof rack installed, you can easily carry around heavy items like bikes or skis on your vehicle without any trouble.

Features of Rola 59759 Roof Rack

You’d find very few roof racks in the market that could fit a Honda Civic as perfectly as this one. Highly affordable, these roof rack crossbars by Rola provide a lot of useful features, some of which are highlighted here:

– High Weight Capacity: This roof rack by Rola is designed to carry huge weight loads conveniently. It can carry up to 110 lbs of weight at a time, equally distributing the weight between the crossbars, preventing any damage to your belongings or to your vehicle.

– Lockable and Removable: These roof rack crossbars are not a permanent fixture and can be installed and removed very easily as needed. The in-built lock cores and keys allow you to lock these bars so that they can’t be removed by anyone else.

Honda Civic roof rack detail– Durable Construction: This Honda Civic roof rack is made from lightweight extruded aluminum, a material that makes these bars extremely durable, strong and rust-resistant. The molded plastic-end supports and pads are scratch-resistant and keep your vehicle safe from abrasions or scratches. These bars feature an aerodynamic design that helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise.

– Universal T-Slots: Universal T-slots are added to the top of these crossbars, allowing you to mount different varieties of carriers and accessories. These T-slots are equipped with rubber strips that cushion your luggage during travel and keep it from slipping.

– Anti-Theft System: This Honda Civic roof Rack comes with built-in security hardware to deter any theft attempts. In order to loosen the leg bolts, special tools are required that are provided along with the rack.

Customer Reviews

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With a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating at Amazon, this is definitely a product a well-loved by its users. According to the customers, it is a nice and secure Honda Civic roof rack system that is designed to fit this vehicle perfectly. Compared to the original OEM rack by Honda, this is much more affordable and has better functionality as well.


Unlike the OEM Honda Civic roof rack that can cost you way above $500, this rack is quite affordable. The list price of this rack is $299.99 but you may find it for a discounted price at Amazon along with free shipping. This means you can get this perfect roof rack at an even better price.

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