Pop-Up Camper Bike Rack

Bumper rackIf you are going on a camping trip in your pop-up camper and you need to take your bike with you, you should get a pop-up camper bike rack.

With the entire luggage you are going to take on your trip, you definitely won’t find much space to fit in your bike without having these racks installed.

When it comes to the right pop-up camper bike rack, the RV or Camper Trailer Bumper Bike Rack by Discount Ramps is one of the best options to consider, especially if you are taking more than one bike with you.For those looking to get a bike rack that fits properly in their camper, here is a review of this bike rack.

Features of Discount Ramps Bumper Bike Rack

As a pop-up camper bike rack, this is indeed an ideal option to consider since it allows you to carry multiple bikes at one time.

Easily attached to the rear bumper of your camper, this rack is simple to use and keeps your bikes safe while you are on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the features this rack has to offer:

– High Weight Capacity: With the ability to carry up to four bikes at a single time, this bike rack is designed for a higher weight capacity. You can put up to 140 lbs of weight on this bike rack without fearing any damage.

– Easy Installation: Installing this simple-looking pop-up camper is very easy and you can do it on your own in a matter of minutes. This rack requires 6-1/2” and 8” bolts that go around the bumper.

-Tire Wells: The tire wells of this bike rack can easily hold tires as wide as 1-3/4”. These tire wells ensure that your bikes are fixed securely to the rack. The in-between spacing between these tire wells measure up to 6-1/2”, preventing any contact or collisions between bikes.
Pop-up camper bike rack

-Tie-Down Support: To provide additional support to the bikes, two L-shaped tie-down support poles are also added to this pop-up camper bike rack. This way, your bikes are secured perfectly to the rack; you don’t have to worry about the bikes falling off as you drive through rough terrain.

-Heavy Duty Construction: This durable and sturdy bike rack is made from heavy duty steel, and has a black powder-coat finish. This gives this rack a strong structure that complements its fine and sleek look.

Customer Reviews

This pop-up camper bike rack is definitely an appreciated product. According to the customers who have used this rack, this is a great 4-bike camper rack that can easily carry four bikes at a time. The customers have also found this rack to be sturdy and easy to install.


As a 4-bike carrier, this bike rack comes at a highly affordable price. While the list price of this pop-up camper bike rack is $140.99, you may find it with a better price online, which is an amazing price considering it can carry four bikes at a time.

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