Thule Atlantis 2100 Rooftop Cargo Box Review

Thule Atlantis 2100 Rooftop Cargo BoxIf you are looking to purchase a rooftop cargo box that you can take on several road trips, Thule Atlantis 2100 is one of the best options you can consider. Like all the products manufactured by Thule, this cargo box offers high-quality and functionality at its best, and that too at affordable prices.

This cargo box offers ample carrying space and can be easily loaded to your vehicle’s roof rack. Here is a review of Thule Atlantis 2100 that can help you decide whether this is the right choice for you or not:

Features of Thule Atlantis 2100 Rooftop Cargo Box

As expected of all Thule products, this cargo box boasts a lot of remarkable features. For those planning to buy this rooftop box, here is a highlight of some of these features:

Large Storage Space: This large cargo box by Thule offers you storage space large enough to hold sporting gear conveniently. With a storage space of 21 cubic feet and a weight bearing capacity of 110 pounds, this box is good enough to hold 6 to 8 pairs of skis and other holidaying gear without any trouble.

Thule Atlantis 2100Aerodynamic Design: Thule Atlantis 2100 is designed with a scientifically-engineered precision to provide aerodynamic advantages. The cargo box reduces air resistance and pressure, increasing your fuel efficiency and reducing the whistling sound of wind while you are on the road.

Quick Grip Mounting System: The rooftop cargo box features Quick Grip Mounting technology that allows you to easily mount this box without needing extensive tool work.

Installs to Almost All Vehicles: Thule Atlantis 2100 can easily be mounted to a lot of different vehicles that have a roof rack. Compatible with most factory-installed or market-available roof racks, this cargo box can be used quite conveniently.

Easy and Secure Locking System: The box has a large knob installed on the front that is used to lock this box. This lock enables you to easily grip and turn it even with gloved hands.

Ergonomic and Sleek Design: Thule Atlantis 2100 has an ergonomic design, with lid stiffeners and struts making it very easy to open this box. The box also has a high-gloss sleek automotive finish that will go well with the stylish and sleek look of your car.

Customer Reviews

At Amazon, Thule Atlantis 2100 Rooftop Cargo Box has received a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. According to the customers who have used this box, it is a “very nice rooftop carrier” that is “great for families”. The customers also like its sleek design and easy installation since it makes the box very easy to use.


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The original retail price of Thule Atlantis 2100 is $719.95. However, the product can be easily found at different online stores at amazingly discounted prices. At Amazon, may find this cargo box for a reduced price. You can also search for it on other online stores to look for the best prices for this product.

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