Thule Cargo Boxes – Buying Guide

When going on a road trip, a cargo box that fits inside your vehicle is one of the best luggage options available. Thule cargo boxes are undoubtedly the best cargo boxes, offering expansive storage capacities and a durable structure. You can easily find a lot of cargo boxes by Thule available in the market as the company is known for making the best-quality luggage carriers to fit diverse needs. If you are wondering which one of the many Thule cargo boxes is good for you, here are the top four picks worth looking up:

Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule cargo boxes Sidekick

Thule Sidekick is a rooftop cargo box that comes with 8 cubic feet of storage space. With an easy mounting system, this cargo box installs easily on any roof rack on your vehicle.

With dimensions 54 x 15.5 x 25 inches, this cargo box is big enough to carry golf clubs and camping gear. To make the use of this cargo box even more convenient, a side-opening lid is provided; you can easily load things after mounting this on the roof of your vehicle.

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Thule Force Cargo Box

 Thule cargo boxes Force

Available in three different sizes, large, XL and XXL, this is another perfect Thule cargo box that you can get. Compared to other Thule cargo boxes, Force has a sleeker appearance and it offers more storage space.

The box also has a Quick-Grip mounting system that enables you to attach it to your roof rack without needing any tools. A SecureLock is added to the box so that all your things remain safe even if you are away from your vehicle. Dual-Side opening allows you to load things in this box very conveniently.

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Thule 636 Sonic XXL

Thule cargo boxes Sonic636 Sonic XXL is another one among the many Thule cargo boxes that fit perfectly on your vehicle’s rooftop. With a 22 cubic feet internal storage capacity, this box is large enough to fit gear like skis and snow boards conveniently.

This cargo box has expanded vehicle mounting points and AcuTight Mounting clicks that provide an optimal and secure hold when the box is mounted to a roof rack. An oversized SecuerLock system allows easy access and usability while a Dual-Side opening enables you to load things conveniently.

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Thule 665C Transporter Combi Hitch-Mount Cargo Box

Thule cargo boxes Transporter










If you are not interested in Thule cargo boxes for your vehicle’s rooftop, then here is just what you need; a hitch-mount cargo box. This box can be attached to 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch receiver hitches and can hold up to 150 lbs of gear.

This box also features license plate adapters and prewired tail lights to ensure you don’t face any difficulty driving. When empty, the box can be easily tilted down to reach the rear of the vehicle.

You can easily pick up any of these Thule cargo boxes without having to worry about quality and functionality. For a road trip with a lot of luggage and gear, these cargo boxes are a perfect choice.

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