A Compete Wall Bike Rack Buying Guide

Vertical Wall Bike RackIf you love your bike to bits and cannot bear the thought of any harm coming to it, you definitely need a wall bike rack to store it properly. If you simply leave your bike leaning against the wall, it would get knocked down easily enough.

Therefore, bike racks are a smart bike storage option that won’t only save your bike from falling but also maintain its functionality and life for a longer time. A wall bike rack can be easily installed in garage or room, allowing you to keep your bike right where you want it.


Types of Wall Bike Rack

There are basically two different types of wall bike racks that can be used in houses indoors for single bikes. These include the horizontal folding hook bike rack and the hinge plate vertical bike rack.

Wall Bike RackBoth these racks can be found suitable for all bikes as they vary in shapes, sizes and colors. Most of these shelves also offer space for bike accessories such as helmets, and can be used when carrying out bike maintenance and repair. If you need racks that can store more than one bike, both of these types of racks can be found with such options.

What type of wall bike rack you should get depends on several factors. First, you need to see if you want a single-bike rack or you want to hang multiple bikes. Then, you need to consider the space available to you for installing bike racks.

The weight and usage of your bike are also important factors in determining which type of wall bike rack you need to get. Last, how much money you are planning to spend on this purchase is also an important consideration.

Horizontal Bike Racks

Wall Bike Rack Ger Up PLatiniumOne of the most commonly used type of wall bike racks are the horizontal ones with folding hooks. These racks contain arm-like brackets where the bike can be hanged keeping the wheels parallel to the ground.

To make sure that the steel frame of your bike is not scratched, these brackets are usually foam-padded. These types of racks are ideal for places where space is limited. If you have a heavy bike, you can install these racks just at the right distance from the floor to avoid lifting your bike too high. Also, these racks are easy to install and are available in a varied range of prices.

Vertical Bike Racks

Wall Bike Rack Topeak One UPVertical racks usually use hinged plates to hold the bike from its wheels against the wall. There are two options available in these types of rack. You can either hang your bike frame making a right angle with the wall or you can keep the frame parallel to the wall.

For the former, you need a lot of space since your bike would be sticking out and it can be in the way. The latter option is more suitable as it takes minimal space. However, if you have a heavy bike, it can be difficult to pick it up and hang it to such frames.
So, depending on your bike, available space and your style choices, you can select the right wall bike rack to keep your bike safe.



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