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A wall mount bike rack is one of the most important accessories that a bike owner should have. These bike racks not only provide you with a proper place for your bike storage but also keep your bike safe from damage.

They prevent your bike from falling down when it is just stacked in a corner. If you are looking for a wall mount bike rack that can carry one or two bikes easily, the 2-Bike rack by Allen Sports is just what you need.

This simple and easy to install rack is a perfect choice when it comes to getting an affordable, functional and durable bike rack. Here is a review of this bike rack by Allen Sport that you will find useful.

Wall mount bike rack

Features of Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Wall Mount Bike Rack 

For residential bike storage, this wall mount bike rack by Allen Sports is one of the best designed products. With a unique design that offer optimal functionality, this bike rack needs very small space and little effort to be installed. Here is a highlight of some features that this bike rack has to offer:

– Sturdy Construction: While this bike rack might look delicate at first, its sturdy construction makes it strong enough to easily bear the weight of two bicycles. This bike rack has a zinc-plated corrosion-resistant construction that can help retain its new look for a long time.

– Streamlined Design: This wall mount bike rack by Allen Sports has a streamlined design that doesn’t require a lot of space for installation. When not in use, the bike rack can be folded up to the wall to clear the space, so it won’t be an obstruction.

– Easy Installation: This rack comes in a fully assembled state and doesn’t require you to do anything. For installation, you only need a single wooden screw to fix this rack on the wall.

– Doubles as a Repair Stand: Due to its simple design that doesn’t wrap up your bike from all sides, this bike rack can easily be used as a repair stand as well. Put up this rack in your garage and you can easily use it for bike repair jobs.

– Lifetime Warranty – Allen Sports wall mount bike rack comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for the material and construction, which can be claimed by contacting the company directly.

Customer Reviews

This is a much loved wall mount bike rack. Customers have found this rack to have a simple design that works great and is very easy to mount and install. If that sounds like the bike rack you are looking for, Allen Sports Wall-Mounted Bike Rack is just what you need.


Affordability is one of the best things that can be associated with this wall mount bike rack. It retails for about $21. This bike rack can easily fit your budget while keeping your precious, expensive bike safe from any harm.

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